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Why Podcast?

Why Podcast?podcast

A Podcast is simply a prerecorded audio or video file, saved in one of several specific formats and posted online along with a feed page. What’s most interesting from a marketing point of view is the fact that podcasts can be subscribed to.

Similar in some ways to a magazine subscription, the information is delivered on a regular basis and in a consistent format. Your podcasts can be made available to anyone who has an interest and an internet connection.

How does having my own podcast benefit me or my customers?
Simply put, a podcast makes your information more easily available. Suppose you have information that needs to be passed on to your clients on a regular basis-say, a schedule of events, or special sales offers. Your audio podcast can be produced and posted online once, and will be automatically distributed to everyone who has subscribed to it.

Audible directions for the assembly of a component would be useful for certain customers to refer to. Perhaps hearing a friendly voice explain how to fill out a claim would make the process simpler. In any case, once subscribed to your channel, it’s very easy for your customer to pick from a list of individual podcasts, then download and listen to what they want.

There are literally dozens of ways this technology can benefit your customers. In a very real sense, there’s never been an easier way to get timely, topical information to the people who need it.

What about special equipment? Any recent generation web browser has the capability to play audio podcasts, typically allowing the file to open in it’s associated music player. There are also many software programs available with which you can subscribe, download, store, organize and play podcasts; these are known generically as aggregators. Perhaps the best known and most robust of these is Apple’s iTunes, which is both cross-platform and entirely free.

The process: once we record your podcast, it’s edited and assemble it into it’s final form, then posted to a folder on your website. The Elwood Studio will create an xml file- your feed – and this is the web address that the podcast subscription software will point to.

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