The #1 KEY to optimizing your marketing efforts

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The #1 KEY to optimizing your marketing efforts

Successful businesses have a clear marketing strategy with a set budget, stated goals and measured results.

Unfortunately, many busy small business owners and marketing managers get caught up in other priorities causing their marketing strategy to falter.

Most of us have our marketing strategy written down and it includes details on the following:

• History
• Budget
• Branding
• Differentiator
• Competition
• Target
• Goals
• Tasks
• Channels
• Schedule
• Results

So what is the #1 thing you can do to achieve the results you want, or at the least, improve the results you have now.


That’s right – The #1 KEY to optimizing your marketing efforts is consistency!

But how does one achieve consistency? First identify the problem(s) that prevent you from sticking to your marketing strategy. For example, maybe you have set an unrealistic budget, assigned too many tasks to one person, or tasks/deadlines aren’t specific enough.

By identifying the reasons why you have been unable to stay true to your marketing strategy and then fixing the problems – you will be able to achieve consistency and effectively execute your marketing strategy.

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