Three reasons to upgrade your website to “HTTPS”:

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Three reasons to upgrade your website to “HTTPS”:

#1 SECURITY — Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protects your website’s data and visitors. It encrypts data transferred over the internet, including form submissions and credit card transactions. When an SSL certificate is installed on your server – your website displays via “https” (the “s” is for secure). Today, having a security certificate installed is highly recommended for all websites and considered a best practice.

#2 SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) — Starting in January of 2017 Google made changes to their search algorithms and now list sites without the security certificate (SSL) as “not secure” and ranks the site lower in the google search result. Previously only sites that collected sensitive data such as credit card info required the security certificate. Simply put, having a SSL certificate, you’ll rank better on the search engine results.

#3 AFFORDABLE — SSL certificates are now available without having to purchase and move your site to a dedicated IP address, making the transition a smoother (no down-time) and affordable process for small businesses.

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